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Outdoor Swing Chairs

Do you ever wish, there you can find something or someplace, from a long day's suffering, to unwind and relax your body, as well as your mind? Duoyes Outdoor Swing Chairs Collection can make it happen! Each of our stylish and durable products, inspired by a 'Harmony' Philosophy that originated in aesthetics - ergonomics science, has a robust steel frame and comfortable cushions and pillows in different patterns and vivid colors, which can deliver you maximum relief and pleasure at any outdoor applications.

Duoyes Outdoor Swing Chairs, the Appearance of Elegance and Quality

Each product of our outdoor swing chairs collection, possesses a reinforced metal frame, normally in STEEL, with a unique powder-coating finish to ensure a weatherproof and anti-corrosion feature, that can adapt to any outdoor environment. we provide two options for the appearance of the pod/basket, in Metal original or handmade PE Wicker. About the Cushions and Pillows, most fabric we use is 100% Polyester, which features durability, waterproof, UV resistance, durable, and ideal elasticity.

Therapy and Space Saving Concept from Duoyes

Every distinctive shape of our products is inspired by our knowledge of the relationship between individuals and outdoor spaces. We do follow space-saving options in every detail of our products, in order to make them suit any outdoor environment, no matter it’s a small private Garden, Backyard, Balcony & Porch, or a more open public space, such as Villa, Hotel, Resorts, but still care most your authentic relaxing and pleasure experience no less.

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Wicker Outdoor Hanging Chair Features

Wicker outdoor hanging chairs, also known as wicker hammock chairs or egg chairs, are popular additions to outdoor spaces due to their unique design and comfort. These chairs provided by a professional wicker outdoor furniture factory are suspended from a sturdy frame or secure overhead support, allowing you to gently sway and relax. Here are some common features of wicker outdoor hanging chairs:

Wicker Material: Wicker outdoor hanging chairs are made from natural or synthetic wicker, which is a flexible and durable material. Natural wicker is typically made from rattan, while synthetic wicker is often made from resin or polyethylene, both of which are weather-resistant and low-maintenance.

Egg or Cocoon Shape: Wicker hanging chairs typically have an egg or cocoon-like shape that envelops the user, providing a cozy and comfortable seating experience. The enclosed design adds a sense of privacy and creates a relaxing cocooning effect.

Cushions and Padding: Most wicker hanging chairs come with plush cushions and padded seating for added comfort. These cushions are often made from weather-resistant materials, allowing the chair to withstand outdoor conditions.

Weather Resistance: Wicker outdoor hanging chairs are designed to be weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use. Synthetic wicker is particularly resilient to rain, UV rays, and humidity, ensuring the chair's longevity.

Sturdy Frame: The chair's frame is typically made from metal or sturdy materials to support the weight of the user and withstand movement and swaying.

Hanging Mechanism: Wicker hanging chairs come with a strong and secure hanging mechanism, such as a steel chain or rope, allowing the chair to be safely suspended from an overhead support.

Swivel Feature: Some high-end wicker patio furniture such as wicker hanging chairs have a swivel feature that allows the chair to rotate 360 degrees. This feature adds versatility and lets you enjoy different views and angles while relaxing.

Supporting Stand: Some wicker hanging chairs come with a supporting stand, allowing you to place the chair in any desired outdoor location without the need for an overhead support structure.

Easy Assembly: Wicker outdoor hanging chairs are usually easy to assemble, with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included.

Style and Design Options: Wicker hanging chairs come in various designs and colors to suit different outdoor aesthetics. From bohemian and coastal styles to modern and minimalist designs, there are options to match any outdoor decor theme.

It's Our Pleasure to Tailor-made Your Satisfaction

We provide full customization quality outdoor seating service for Duoyes Outdoor Swing Chairs Collection, which includes but is not limited to, Metal Frame(Steel or Aluminum), Basket/Pod Appearance( Metal Original or Wicker), Stand/Holder(Round or Triangular), PE Wicker(Flat, Circle, Semi-Circle or Semi-Circle TWIN), Patterns and Colors for Padded Fabric, Thickness of Cushions and Pillows.

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