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Cabana, a word that originated from US English, is referring to a small tent used as a dressing room by the sea or beside a swimming pool. As a shade structure manufacturer, Duoyes Cabanas Collection is defined each creation as similar to Duoyes Gazebo Collection, i.e., a small building, decorated, with a roof and open sides, or a temporary structure/tent with open sides, in a Garden, Backyard, Poolside or Beach, as well as in Villa, Hotel or Resorts. Duoyes Cabanas, allow you to enjoy a wholly relaxing and comfortable time by yourself or accompanied, sheltering from the sun lights even in the hot season. benefiting from a waterproof and UV-resistant roof, curtains, sidewalls & nets, these unique pieces create a perfect interaction with the outdoor environment.

Duoyes Cabanas Collection, a Quality Outdoor Lifestyle

Adopted by the essential elements from Duoyes, i.e., an Aluminum or Steel Frame, a synthetic handmade PE Wicker, and Fabrics(finishing) in Polyester 100%, Duoyes Cabanas Collection possesses a classic quality feature for outdoor space. a durable and refined appearance frame with a unique powder-coating process, the synthetic Wicker in PE has 4 options of patterns available, i.e., Flat, Semi-Circle, Circle, and Semi-Circle Twin, which features weatherproof, high rigidity & tenacity, UV resistant, as well as great chemical stability. to challenge an outdoor environment, fabrics in Polyester 100% for roof, curtain & sidewalls-nets obtain a top advantage, due to their features of durability, waterproofing, anti-wrinkle, UV resistance, and ideal elasticity.

Inspiration on Free Outdoor Space, Anywhere, Anytime

As a professional shade structure manufacturer, we provide optional configurations on our Cabanas Collection, regardless of any outdoor space where you want to settle, maybe in a Garden, a Backyard, or a private Poolside, as well as a larger public contract space, such as Villa, Hotel, Resorts, and Beach Pub, there is always a smart solution from Duoyes, to satisfy you there anytime.

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Customize Your Inspiration for an Outdoor Chic Lifestyle

Welcome to a break from a traditional routine, for us, your fresh ideas, such as metal frame, material, and fabrics, patterns, colors, or any other configurations, are so amazing things to achieve it. just let us know.

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