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Canopy, in Cambridge Dictionary, is defined as a cover fixed over a seat or bed, etc. for shelter or decoration, which shows clearly some essential elements for this category, such as a cover (normally in cloth/fabric), shelter (shade), modular with seat or bed, etc… Duoyes Canopies Collection, initial from all of them, configures more details, like pure handmade PE wicker material, 3-side curtains waterproof and UV resistant, individual adaptive backrest, soft cushions and pillows in varied thickness. all these unique elements achieve an ideal interaction among individuals, the environment, and nature, no matter where you want to settle in outdoor space, such as in a Garden, Backyard, Beach, or Pool, as well as Villa, Hotel, and Resorts.

Duoyes Canopies Collection, a Creation merged with Classic and Innovative Elements

The classic and essential elements from Duoyes remain in this collection still, a Lightweight but durable Frame (most in Aluminum or Steel), a synthetic handmade Wicker (4 patterns optional, Flat, Semi-Circle, Circle, Semi-Circle Twin), soft Cushions and Pillows in varied patterns and colors as well as thickness, in waterproof, UV resistant and weatherproof fabrics. Inspired by ergonomics science, our paired seats and/or beds are designed individually adaptive in the backrest, providing the most comfortable and relaxing interaction effects.

An Intimate and Delightful Lifestyle with Outdoor Space Free

Wherever you are, such as in a private Garden, Backyard, Poolside, or Beach, Villa, Hotel and Resort, etc… Duoyes Canopies can be perfectly settled in, for you to enjoy a relaxing and quiet daytime, with sunshine and breeze, for reading or napping, by yourself or company with your loves. what a charming outdoor life.

Tailor-Made Your Canopies Outdoor Life in Every Personality Configuration

Feel free to let us know, any of your inspiration for your outdoor space, the layout planning, the design sparkle, the metal frame and material you prefer, the finishing proposals, as well as patterns or color options for cushions and pillows.

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