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Outdoor Seating

This is a Highlights category from Duoyes, the essential and experienced quality has been achieved for those seven collections as follows:

More distinctive creations will be launched by Duoyes, the creative outdoor seating manufacturer in the very future; you are also very welcome to challenge your inspiration on every configuration for this wicker patio seating, which includes, but is not limited to metal frame solution, material and finishing proposal, patterns, and color options for cushions and pillows.

Wicker Patio Seating Benefits

Benefits from the interaction of Function and Ergonomics Science, each Duoyes Wicker Patio Seating presents a complete comfort and pleasant experience for everyone, which is qualified by and not limited in:

  • Robust steel or lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Customized padded cushions in patterns and colors are available to satisfy your inspiration.
  • Craftsmanship traditions merged with innovative technology to ensure a quality-oriented value.
  • Excellent waterproof and UV resistance wicker PE material, as well as perfect weatherproof, features an 'OUTDOORS' icon.

Wicker Outdoor Seating FAQs

1. How to take care of wicker outdoor seating furniture?

Proper maintenance and reasonable storage is the only solution to the prolonged lifetime of wicker outdoor seating furniture, even though each pc of our patio seating furniture is extremely designed for the outdoor environment. Please follow our MAINTENANCE under the WHY US Category and get the right instruction to keep them in a perfect performance.

2. How to Choose Quality Outdoor Seating?

A distinctive outdoor space furnishing with quality outdoor seating can make your daily life more delightful and relaxing, which can be acquired by a stable metal frame(Steel/Aluminum), an ergonomics design, such as adaptive backrest, vivid colors and patterns of cushions in padded fabrics for more comfort, as well as exquisite weaving crafts in every detail.

3. Why Choose Duoyes Outdoors As Your Outdoor Seating Manufacturer?

Duoyes will satisfy you from the first beginning with outdoor space planning, design proposal, tailor-made padded fabrics in color and patterns, and quality-orientation-valued products, considerate logistics solutions as well as perfect quality guarantee & after-sales service. The key issue, don't forget, is excellent cost performance.

Types of Outdoor Seating

Comfortable and stylish seating options designed for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

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