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How to Choose Casual Outdoor Furniture?

How to Choose Casual Outdoor Furniture?

Feb 01,2023

Outdoor furniture is a series of appliances set up in open or semi-open outdoor spaces for the convenience of people's outdoor activities, which is relative to indoor furniture. The common outdoor furniture on the market is made of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, bamboo and rattan, as well as wicker PE. When purchasing outdoor furniture, you can choose from the aspects of climate, use space, site, material, brand and so on.

1. The material of outdoor furniture

In the selection of outdoor furniture, we should pay attention to the material. Because outdoor furniture is used in the outdoor environment for a long time, it will inevitably be exposed to wind and sun. In this case, users should have psychological preparation for the deformation and fading of furniture. Aluminum and resin are the materials that are easiest to take care of, while wicker weave or wood furniture requires regular maintenance. In the choice of wood, if you consider the price factor, then generally sequoia or pine and so on are used. If you prefer materials with good crack resistance and durability, generally mountain camphor wood, pineapple lattice and so on are selected. Metal materials generally include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, cast aluminum, etc. Steel and cast iron are easy to rust, while aluminum alloy has better rust resistance. Besides, cast aluminum and stainless steel enjoy the best rust resistance, but the price of steel frame patio furniture is higher.

2. The climate and space factors of outdoor furniture

Consider how is the weather where you live, whether it will often rain, whether it is located in the tropics, and is damp and hot? Direct sunlight can crack wooden furniture. Metal materials in the sun's heat will increase its own temperature, so it is uncomfortable to use. If you live in a place where there are often tropical storms, strong convective weather or near the sea, the instant wind may overturn very light outdoor furniture made of aluminum or plastic and other materials.

Furniture for outdoor patio generally does not have special functional needs, so you do not have to necessarily match tables, chairs and benches, or to match proportionally sized furniture according to the space size. Whether it's by an open outdoor pool or a small, spatially limited atrium garden, always remember to leave an area for movement. A tall bar table works better than a formal dining table because it is more space efficient to place bar stools.

3. The site and brand of outdoor furniture

Consider whether your outdoor furniture is placed on soft lawn or hard ground. If it is placed on the lawn ground, never use cork frame furniture, because cork will absorb moisture and then lead to damage to the frame. Try to choose faux rattan, aluminum frame furniture as a substitute.

As with other products, the furniture from big brands always make people feel more at ease, because these company generally focus on quality, service and related reputation situation. But the outdoor furniture industry started relatively late, there are many companies in the development stage. Therefore, there are not many real brands, so consumers must be careful to choose.

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