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Fire Pit Patio Sets

When we talk about outdoor space, all the elements for it in your mind, initially, are supposed to be connected with 'Warm', such as sunshine, clear sky, gentle breeze, and even 'Hot' relating to a summer season, like UV rays, heatwaves, but will never be 'Cold' linking with a winter season. Duoyes Fire Pit Patio Sets Collection, is created under the circumstances, to ensure you, even in the cold season, can enjoy a great dinner with your loved family, or host some friends with nice coffee and drinks, in the Garden, Backyard, Balcony or Porch, keeping warm as well. sounds amazing?

A Distinctive Function Design Sourced from Classic Elements

Metal frame( most in Aluminum), pure handmade PE Wicker, and soft Cushions & Pillows of varied thicknesses are still the essential elements for the collection. featured as lightweight, with fine mechanical strength, tenacity, and electrical insulation, the powder-coated aluminum structure presents an exquisite surface with great ergonomics performance. for synthetic wicker material, we provide four options, i.e., Flat, Semi-Circle, Circle, and Semi-Circle Twin, to make each piece a distinctive appearance on personality. Polyester, a synthetic fiber of polymer used in our padded fabric, cushions, and pillows, features durable, weatherproof, UV resistance, waterproof and ideal elasticity for better relaxation as well.

Freedom of Your Winter Lifestyle in an Outdoor Space with Warmth and Pleasure

Omit those unpleasant days upsetting you in cold winters, with our Fire Pit Patio Sets collection, it will be never back again. at any outdoor space in your house, such as the Garden, Backyard, Balcony or Porch as well as Poolside, etc..., to settle a 5-PC Fire Pit Outdoor Set which includes Tri-seat Sofa and/or Loveseat, Ottomans or Benches, and a Fire Pit Table, to enjoy super meals with your family, or welcome some best friends to share happy hours in warmth and pleasure.

Configure Your Outdoor Space in Cold Season as You Wish

To satisfy yourself with our tailor-made service which includes but is not limited to, Metal Frame, Material and Fabric, Patterns, and Color options for Cushions and Pillows, as well as configurations to best suit your outdoor space.

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