Patio Furniture Sets

This is an ICON category for us to challenge know-how on outdoor space, ‘Modulars’ is the key element for it, no matter if they are from any collection as:

Each wicker patio furniture set creation can be perfectly settled in any outdoor environment, a small compact private space, or a bigger public location. As professional patio furniture set supplier, for your kind information, you can customize your modular in configurations you prefer, such as metal frame, material, finishing, patterns and color options for cushions and pillows, etc… to personality your outdoor lifestyle as well.


Wicker Outdoor Furniture Set Protection

Each Duoyes Outdoor Furniture Set is absolutely designed for any outdoor applications, but a reasonable maintenance solution will keep them stay in their best appearance, high performance, and longer lifetime *Cold or warm water to clean, suggest a neutral detergent and soft cloth/brush if needed.

*To ensure no residue or rust on the frame surface.

*Rinse thoroughly with clean water and stay dry. 

*Storing with Duoyes Covers or Lockers while no use for a long time.

*Highly recommend the maintenance routine at 3-4 times a year at least.


How to Choose High-Quality Patio Sets

To define your outdoor space with visually pleasant, most freedom, fresh green, and full of comfort, need a smart solution to choose the right high-quality patio sets as tips as: 

*A careful space-planning for the sets settled in. for a small, compact private outdoor space, better to choose a simple 3-pc-set with 2 armchairs and 1 coffee table, but if the space is much open in public, you will be suggested a set including Tri.-Seat Sofa(Right or Left), Corner, Benches or Ottomans and Fire Pit/Lifting Tables

*An ergonomics and aesthetics technology design symbolizes a high-quality patio set as well, which can provide the most comfortable and relaxation for your body while seating or laying down 

*Fresh green all along interprets an outdoor lifestyle philosophy, which is qualified by some essential elements on a robust metal frame with an excellent finishing, such as powder-coating, features anti-corrosion, weatherproof, and UV-free, or eco-friendly synthetic fibers, such as Duoyes pure handmade PE Wicker, as well as waterproof and UV resistant cushion fabrics to suit any outdoor environment.          



Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets Types

Customization of your outdoor space is an amazing challenge for Duoyes Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets Collections. inspired by aesthetics and architecture, this category has been an icon category for Duoyes.

Material & Finishing

View Duoyes's philosophy of material & finishing for outdoor seating, daybeds, shades, tables, sets and other complements.

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