Outdoor Dining Chairs

Simple, Stylish, and Ergonomics Design, Duoyes Outdoor Dining Chairs are made from a variety of materials, such as metal frame, PE or Olefin wicker(synthetic fibers), as well as a full range of colors for cushions and pillows available. Each product merges a function perfectly with the aesthetics value, to optimize the customer experience for daily life in an outdoor space, wherever they are in Garden, Backyard, Balcony & Porch, Bistro, Café or Restaurant, or even in Villa, Hotel and Resorts, or at Poolside or on Beach.

Upgrade your pleasure for meals with our unique materials for Outdoor Dining Chairs

Whether a steel or aluminum frame or PE /Olefin wickers, all the materials used for our Dining Chairs, always concentrate on a principle as 'experience matters'. meanwhile, we learn very well, outdoor furniture needs fabric for Cushions or Pillows featured is waterproof, and UV resistant, but is also considered durable and has ideal elasticity to guarantee better relaxation. We did!

Create ‘Outdoor Space Freedom’ by Duoyes Dining Chairs

Whether you are in a small/compact private space, such as Garden, Balcony & Porch, Pool/Beach, or a much larger public outdoor environment, like Restaurant, Café, Villa, Hotel, or Resort, almost our Outdoor Dining Chairs can match them perfectly anytime, inspired by a Modular Design.

Be your own Expert to design, from just an idea to each end-product Dining Chair

As an outdoor seating supplier, we learn quite well, you are the one who can tell us, what you exactly want your outdoor space looks like, so just go for it. Duoyes can proceed it come true from your initial idea to plan, i.e. the space where you really need to settle and create, the materials you prefer to use for your dining chairs, and then all fabrics and finishing which can pair, every detail you want to care, we can find a final solution.


Q: Can I get a fabric sample or color swatch online?

A: We provide each customer the available fabric samples or color swatches if they like to try them. Just contact us here, our team will be glad to satisfy any of your requirement with thanks.

Q: Do you offer customized service for any product?

A: Absolutely yes! Just post us your wish list, and we can offer you one-stop solutions from space plan, design advice, customized frame/material/furnishing, assembly instruction to troubleshooting. For more details, just call us at +86-574-88420920 or contact us.

Q: Is it possible to get some spare parts if I ask for them?

A: You are very welcome to contact us, for some spare parts, like screws or plastic accessories for FREE, but logistics fee/freight on your account with thanks.

Q: Can I leave the cushions outdoors?

A: All Duoyes cushions are designed for outdoors, based on uv-resistant and waterproof fabric, but we suggest you, for extreme weather, such as severe cold, intense heat, or prolonged rainy days, to store them in our lockers or with Duoyes outdoor furniture covers, for quality is good as on the first day.

Q: If there are some defects or problems with my products, what can I do?

A: Feel free to call our troubleshooting team directly by +86-574-88420920 or contact us for professional advice online.

Q: Can I make a trial order(such as one pc/set sample) before I place a regular order?

A: Yes, you can. But we will charge you 50% more than the normal value of this product and promise to refund it when your coming order's amount up to $20,000.

Material & Finishing

View Duoyes's philosophy of material & finishing for outdoor seating, daybeds, shades, tables, sets and other complements.

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