Outdoor Conversation Sets

Do you suppose a meeting or a conference to be held in a fresh outdoor environment, more relaxing and cheerful? Duoyes Outdoor Conversation Sets Collection is born with it. we provide some ready modulars(such as 6 Armchairs + 1 Table/ 7-PC Set or 8 Armchairs + 1 Table/ 9-PC Set, etc…) for your selection, according to your application preferred to settle in, or you have a challenge for your inspiration, just show your personality for space planning or layout, the essential elements you prefer, material and fabric for aesthetics and function, as well as patterns or colors for harmony effects.

Define your Outdoor Space as Green, Fresh all along

Just like most collections from Duoyes, the key elements for Outdoor Conversation Sets are metal frames and pure handmade PE Wicker. The metal refers to Aluminum and Steel with powder-coating finishing to ensure a much excellent surface, as well as anti-corrosion, weatherproof, UV resistance, and eco-friendly features. a synthetic fiber, made of Polyethylene(PE) is the essential material for our handmade wicker, which is well known for its mechanical strength and chemical stability as well as being waterproof, UV resistant, and weatherproof, an ideal solution for any outdoor environment.

Enjoy your Daily living Pleased by Space Freedom

Wherever you spend a day, consisting of conferences or meetings for work or private, company by our Outdoor Conversation Sets, you can enjoy it with the most comfort and pleasure, no matter if it is in a public outdoor place such as Restaurant, Café or Bistro, Hotel, Resorts, and Villa, or a smaller private place, like your Garden, Backyard, Balcony, and Porch, even in Poolside or Beach, our ‘Modular’ solutions can achieve it perfectly.

Your Inspiration for Space Personality is on the Way

A robust frame in metal, Aluminum, Steel, or anything else? Any options on materials and finishing for set appearance? or padded fabric and cushions in patterns or color harmony? all these elements for Outdoor Conversation Sets Collection can be advised and satisfied at most efforts.


Q: Can I get a fabric sample or color swatch online?

A: We provide each customer the available fabric samples or color swatches if they like to try them. Just contact us here, our team will be glad to satisfy any of your requirement with thanks.

Q: Do you offer customized service for any product?

A: Absolutely yes! Just post us your wish list, and we can offer you one-stop solutions from space plan, design advice, customized frame/material/furnishing, assembly instruction to troubleshooting. For more details, just call us at +86-574-88420920 or contact us.

Q: Is it possible to get some spare parts if I ask for them?

A: You are very welcome to contact us, for some spare parts, like screws or plastic accessories for FREE, but logistics fee/freight on your account with thanks.

Q: Can I leave the cushions outdoors?

A: All Duoyes cushions are designed for outdoors, based on uv-resistant and waterproof fabric, but we suggest you, for extreme weather, such as severe cold, intense heat, or prolonged rainy days, to store them in our lockers or with Duoyes outdoor furniture covers, for quality is good as on the first day.

Q: If there are some defects or problems with my products, what can I do?

A: Feel free to call our troubleshooting team directly by +86-574-88420920 or contact us for professional advice online.

Q: Can I make a trial order(such as one pc/set sample) before I place a regular order?

A: Yes, you can. But we will charge you 50% more than the normal value of this product and promise to refund it when your coming order's amount up to $20,000.

Material & Finishing

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