Outdoor Beds

Duoyes Wicker Outdoor Beds/Daybeds, an elegant and very chic category featured as extremely pleasing and comfortable, inspired by aesthetics and ergonomics sciences, which includes:

All pieces are initially from some essential elements, such as a robust metal frame, pure handmade PE wicker, soft cushions, and pillows in varied patterns, colors, and thicknesses. As a professional outdoor daybed manufacturer, customized service for all these configurations is available for us, you can also personalize your custom outdoor daybed space with your sparkles or detailed proposals.


Wicker Outdoor Beds Applications

Wicker Outdoor Beds  Category is another highlights products from Duoyes, the professional outdoor daybed supplier. We try to interpret an intimate and extremely relaxing outdoor lifestyle, which is identified by Harmony DNA around Individuals, outdoor space, and surroundings, no matter where you are, such as in the Garden, Backyard, Balcony and Porch, Poolside, Beach, or Hotel, Resorts, and Villa, etc...to enjoy a complete peaceful moment by yourself, or with your loved, as well as other private companies.


Custom Outdoor Daybed Types

 Duoyes Outdoor Beds/Daybeds, provide at the moment, 4 ranges of products as: 

*Outdoor Sofa Daybeds

*Round Outdoor Daybeds 

*Outdoor Modular Daybeds 

*Outdoor Swing Beds/Hammocks

you can expect distinctive design and ergonomics technology merged in each creation, to present a style, which may be elegant and minimized, modern or vintage as well as exquisite details and high quality.


How to Choose Suitable Outdoor Patio Daybeds?

As a professional outdoor daybed manufacturer, we provide some essential elements and options for you to personalize your outdoor space as follows: 

To fit varieties of applications outdoors, a key issue is space planning, if your private outdoor space is compact and you want to spend intimate time alone or accompanied by a loved one, outdoor swing beds/hammocks or some sofa daybeds will be a smart choice, but for more open public outdoor spaces, a large space sunbed/wicker outdoor modular daybed is preferred.

Metal Frame- which mainly refers to a Steel or Aluminum structure, with a powder-coating finishing surface, excellent weatherproof performance, UV resistance, and waterproof.

Proper comfort and tailor-made patterns/colors/thickness cushions and pillows are distinctive icons for your private outdoor space. you can choose a thicker cushion or pillow to increase comfort while laying while naping or reading, you can also choose a fresh vivid color or pattern for fabrics to mix and match with a dull tone surrounding.

PE Wickers, the high-density thermoplastic resin(HDPE),100% handmade, with a full range of options available to be your favorites, such as Flat, Circle, Semi-Circle, and Semi-Circle TWIN, etc... you can visit our ' Wicker from Duoyes' for more details.



Types of Outdoor Beds

Material & Finishing

View Duoyes's philosophy of material & finishing for outdoor seating, daybeds, shades, tables, sets and other complements.

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