What to Consider When Choosing Wicker Outdoor Balcony Furniture?

What to Consider When Choosing Wicker Outdoor Balcony Furniture?

Imitation Rattan furniture is exquisitely crafted and elegant, deeply loved by people. It is particularly suitable for pairing with pastoral-style home decoration and exudes a natural and fresh atmosphere. If you place some rattan chairs on the balcony, whether it's a lounge chair, rocking chair, or swing chair, it can make the home atmosphere more relaxed and romantic.


1. Know about outdoor rattan furniture


Outdoor rattan furniture is also imitation rattan furniture, which is mainly made of aluminum alloy frame and PE imitation rattan that is resistant to rainwater erosion. High-quality PE imitation rattan is used for outdoor furniture, with a quality guarantee of 1 year. Compared with natural rattan, imitation rattan has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility, durability, waterproof, sunproof, mildewproof, mothproof, hygiene, and easy cleaning. The price of imitation rattan furniture is relatively cheap, with excellent wear resistance, good low-temperature impact resistance, self-lubrication, chemical resistance, and water resistance.


2. Choosing outdoor rattan furniture


Therefore, when choosing rattan effect outdoor furniture set, if you are going to place it on the rooftop, balcony, or courtyard and other outdoor places, you must pay attention to not buying rattan furniture but buying imitation rattan furniture. Rattan furniture is easily corroded and damaged in the outdoor environment of wind, sun, and rain.


At the same time, attention needs to be paid to the problem of the outdoor rattan furniture framework. Most of the imitation rattan furniture produced by regular wicker outdoor furniture manufacturer use aluminum alloy materials or iron frames with special surface treatment processes that will not rust. However, now many small factories and workshops produce imitation rattan furniture at a low price, and the skeleton materials used are mostly ordinary iron, which is easily rusted and corroded in outdoor environments.


The method to distinguish whether it is an iron frame or an aluminum alloy frame is also very simple, just look at the weight. If it is an iron frame, it will be relatively heavy, while the aluminum alloy frame is relatively light.


The quality of the rattan furniture weaving has a great impact on the outdoor rattan furniture. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the weaving is tight and uniform, whether there are any omissions in the weaving, whether the junctions of the rattan strips are tight and require a natural transition. Good weaving craftsmanship requires not only to ensure the ventilation of outdoor rattan furniture but also to ensure its flexibility and load-bearing performance.


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