Knowledge of Outdoor Furniture Design

Knowledge of Outdoor Furniture Design

Have you ever used outdoor furniture? With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to outdoor leisure life, and thus outdoor furniture came into being. It is a leisure furniture for outdoor or semi-outdoor use, and its design concept is derived from traditional Chinese rattan furniture. Let me slowly explain the knowledge of outdoor furniture design below.


1. The design of outdoor furniture in outdoor space


In the frequent outdoor space design, the combination of outdoor furniture is also an important element of the beautiful outdoor space. Compared with ordinary furniture, there are many differences in the types of outdoor furniture design. At present, Nordic outdoor furniture has become a new fashion, which fits modern people's pursuit of simple and comfortable life. For friends who need to decorate their villas, hotels, courtyards, and terraces, they may consider the design of outdoor furniture, which can cater to a new leisure and comfortable life.


2. The direction of outdoor furniture design


In simple terms, there are three directions in outdoor furniture design:


The first type is durable furniture, which is fixed outdoors for a long time, such as outdoor pavilions or sunshades, parasols, and leisure wicker patio folding chairs in urban landscapes. Therefore, in order to withstand long-term exposure to sun and rain, the material selection of this type of outdoor furniture must pay attention to its weather resistance.


The second type of outdoor furniture is the most common and most used furniture in daily life, such as rattan tables and chairs, Teslin chairs, or woven rattan outdoor sofa beds, and so on. Simple, comfortable, beautiful, and lightweight are the main design directions of this type of furniture. Of course, this type of outdoor furniture also has outdoor weather resistance, basic waterproof and sun protection. To use it outdoors for a long time, good materials are essential. Using PE imitation rattan instead of real rattan, aluminum alloy outdoor spray process, and a series of technological material changes ensure that outdoor furniture can be used outdoors for a long time without damage.


The third type of outdoor furniture is relatively single, and its usage scenario is usually limited to hotel swimming pools or outdoor beaches, collectively referred to as swimming pool loungers, round outdoor daybeds, or beach chairs. Generally, aluminum alloy is used in the material, combined with outdoor PE imitation rattan or teak, which has the characteristics of durable, sun-proof and waterproof, etc. The design direction of this type of outdoor furniture focuses on leisure and entertainment, which can make people feel more relaxed and comfortable when they relax.

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