How About the Customization of Casual Outdoor Furniture?

How About the Customization of Casual Outdoor Furniture?

The increasingly popular lifestyle of outdoor leisure, positive and healthy life has led to the rapid development of the outdoor furniture industry. Outdoor furniture includes regional and private leisure furniture tables and chairs for outdoor and semi-outdoor use. There are many types of outdoor furniture, but there are also customers who need to customize their casual outdoor furniture according to their own use space and needs. Therefore, how is the custom patio furniture? Thanks to the custom casual outdoor furniture, it is easier to carry out furniture arrangement and unite the style, and it is better in terms of practicality and comfort experience. So how about the customization of casual outdoor furniture? What are the common technologies?


1. What about custom casual outdoor furniture?


(1) There is no doubt that the customization enjoys high freedom of design with small restrictions on size. Custom outdoor patio furniture can satisfy almost all your requirements on size, shape and material.


(2) High degree of autonomy, and the use of materials and colors is more flexible. Customers can get the knowledge of what materials are used and control the quality in the production process. Therefore, custom patio furniture is usually more durable.


(3) According to the use, the design style can be changed. For example, the classic case of custom furniture: the design of outdoor furniture for swimming pools. Usually outdoor furniture for pool needs to resist moisture, and should be equipped with a canopy to block ultraviolet rays. With the custom integrated loungers and sunshades, the furniture can be harmonious with the surrounding environment, while the product has a strong resistance to climate and humidity changes.


(4) The furniture that is unique and can manifest individuality greatly satisfies different consumers' individual pursuit of style, further satisfying customers' actual needs and advancing product updates through communication and exchange between designers and consumers.


2. What are the common technologies of leisure outdoor furniture?


(1) The drying technology: many solid wood outdoor furniture will choose high-quality log for raw materials. Firing the log in the kiln at a temperature of about 70 ℃ for more than 15 days can play the role of sterilization, disinsection, anti-corrosion and anti-moth, while making the moisture inside the wood down to less than 10% to prevent cracking and deformation of products during use.


(2) The potion immersion technology: immerse the product in outdoor paint, so that the grease can go deep into the wood to play the maximum protection role.


(3) The product surface treatment technology: rattan products, aluminum frame patio furniture are mostly made by the machine stamping and molding, the welding is rarely used, and several anti-rust treatments are also necessary. Product's steel parts have gone through capacitive galvanizing treatment, with no oxidation, no fading, no rust. And stainless steel parts are made of 304 materials, with no rust and no oxidation. The product is satisfying in terms of appearance.

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